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Adam as Isaac Clark from Dead Space
Rig made by Alyssa of Propped Up Creations Photography by SoulFire Photography (cospix/dA)

Reith of Propped Up Creations - Dragonborn Mage from Skyrim
Photography by SoulFire Photography (cospix/dA)

Photographer Cosplayer

Trelawney by Alyssa of PUC!

Awesome shots by LJinto

Photos by LJinto

Robin by Punished Props

Batgirl by Propped Up Creations


Reith of Propped Up Creations as The Angel of Death from Hellboy II: The Golden ArmyPhotography and editing by SoulFire Photography (fb/dA/Website)


No one does it better than the Birds of Prey

★ Black Canary ★ Lady Blackhawk  Huntress  Power Girl ★ Misfit  Batgirl  Red Robin ★ Photography 


Holy shit. Mad props to Propped Up Creations for pulling this one off. o___o I’ve seen stills and one brief glimpse of the cosplay from a cosplay compilation video. That doesn’t do this justice. This video, however, does a far better job.

This is by and far the BEST bossbody!GLaDOS cosplays I’ve ever seen. Period. Hands down. They even included details like the side screens, and some of the back details on the chassis. italics because I don’t even what the asdfwsdfk

What I love is just how tall the entire cosplay comes out to be. It very much fits my headcanon that if GLaDOS were to build a walking robot version of her chassis, it would absolutely tower over everyone else. :D

They did a great job of really working with making the cosplay’s proportions echo her robot design, and making it look inhuman, instead of a robot shape modified to fit a human cosplayer.

PS. I’m not sure if Propped Up Creations has a Tumblr. But I think they do - however the URL’s name escapes me at the moment. If anybody knows it, please tell me so I can link them in this post.

Awww thank you so much!!




This photoshoot brought to you by Strong Female Characters (and Robin)
Huntress - WeirdoQueenLady Blackhawk - CaeBlack Canary - RPower Girl - KristinBatgirl - Propped Up CreationsMisfit - DouglasRobin - Punished PropsNero - Azimedes
Photographer - FelicisRook

robin is a strong female character tho?

so is nero wow excuse you, jack


Sorry this gets its own tumblr post bye.

Red Robin - Punished PropsHuntress - WeirdoqueenBatgirl - Propped Up CreationsMisfit - EridankePower Girl - MustangkittyLady Blackhawk - PincushionedBlack Canary - LatveriansewingsocietyNero - AzimedesPhotography - FelicisRook

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